Platinum jewelry glossary

Glossary(2) Buffing
The process of removing a scratch from platinum and repolishing the piece.
Platinum marking
Platinum markings are found etched either on the inside or backside of a platinum piece.
This is a charcoal gray form of platinum which is endemic in North America, South Africa and Russia. It has similar properties as platinum such as corrosiveEresistant and versatile application in jewelry design. However, it is less dense than platinum.
Platinum group or platinum family
This consists of a group of six metals with similar chemical and physical properties. These include: iridium, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium and osmium and platinum.
This is one type of jewelry repair wherein the stone is left in place when repair is performed. One of the most sought after jewelry repair services, retipping of platinum prongs requires proper and special skills.
This refers to the portion of the jewelry which stones are set. This may also refer to the mechanism that holds the stone in place such as prong, channel or bezel settings to name a few.
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