Frequently Asked Questions about Platinum Jewelry

Frequently Asked Questions(2) How do I properly store my platinum jewelry to avoid damage to it?
Place your pieces in separate compartments in your jewelry box to avoid scratches. Improperly stored jewelries and gems such as placing them side by side in a single storage area can damage the pieces. Always clean and dry your jewelries prior to storage.
What is the proper way of cleaning my platinum jewelry?
Routine home care is important as well as a period examination and cleaning by a professional jeweler. Home care may entail soaking the jewelry in mild soap and water solution or a combination of one part mild detergent, one part ammonia and three parts water. This is followed by a gentle rub using a soft bristled brush.
Why is Platinum the metal of choice when it comes to setting for diamonds?
Platinum is not susceptible to stress cracking or corrosion. Although it also scratches, it can easily be mended and is more durable than white gold.
My platinum has some minor scratches. How do I remove them?
It is easy to remove scratches from platinum jewelry through buffing.
What is the difference between platinum and white gold?
Platinum is more expensive than gold. Platinum is heavier and denser, more durable and does not wear or tarnish as compared to other metals. Its white appearance is easy to maintain while that of white gold must be rhodium - plated periodically in order to retain its white-like quality.
I usually have allergic reactions to gold, can I wear platinum jewelry instead?
Yes, of course. Platinum is hypoallergenic which makes it safe for even the most sensitive skin.
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