Frequently Asked Questions about Pearls

Frequently Asked Questions(1) Where do pearls come from?
Pearls are formed from foreign substances that come in molluscs, usually in oysters. Pearls may either be natural or cultivated. Cultivated pearls are formed by inserting a core or nucleus near the oyster's genitals.
How are pearls valued?
Pearls are valued depending on its size, lustre and shape. Its lustre being the most significant and valuable quality in a pearl. A perfectly round shaped pearl is most valued. The bigger the pearl the more valuable it is.
What is the most popular type of pearl?
Black South Sea pearls are the most rare and valuable of all types of pearls, thus making it most popular because of its value and rarity.
How do you differ natural from cultivated pearls?
Jewellers x-ray the pearls to determine whether it is natural or not. A cultivated pearl has a perfect sphere in the centre of its grit.
What are the qualities of a good pearl?
A good genuine pearl must have the best lustre, thick nacre, smooth surface and pearly whiteEperfectly round-shaped.
What is the process called in cultivating these pearls?
“MaricultureEis the process called used to cultivate pearls. This was first patented by Kokichi Mikimoto of Japan .
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